The Forest City Feis

Competitors 33

First name Last name School Competitions
Molly NooneButler-Fearon-O’Connor School of Irish DancingPC13, PC13S
Joely BernierGoggin-Carroll SchoolC19
Amelia HargreavesScoil Rince Ní BhraonáinA9R, A9L, A9S
Addison PirpamerMacVoy School of Irish DanceA11R, A11L
Marlowe PirpamerMacVoy School of Irish DanceB7R, B7L
Emiy Sanford-GoddenGoggin-Carroll SchoolN9R, N9L, N9S, N9T, N9D
Keira GilliganGoggin-Carroll SchoolA13R, A13L, A13S, A13T
Jillian RothRochester Academy of Irish DancePC11, PC11S
William GodleyButler-Fearon-O’Connor School of Irish DancingC11
Sydney WilsonDoyle-Corrigan Academy of Irish DanceC19
Tadhg MillerGoggin-Carroll SchoolB6R, B6L
Ella UndeyGoggin-Carroll SchoolN9R, N9S, N9T, N9D
Gemma McGlynnGoggin-Carroll SchoolN9R, N9L, N9S, N9T, N9D
Violet FisherGoggin-Carroll SchoolA7R, A7L, A7S, A7T
Gillian ClarkeDoyle-Corrigan Academy of Irish DanceC13
Falynne MillerGoggin-Carroll SchoolN13R, N13L, N13S, N13T, N13D
Lillian StewartDoyle-Corrigan Academy of Irish DanceB8R, B8L
Hailey Smith Doyle-Corrigan Academy of Irish DanceA11R, A11L, A11S, A11X, A11P
Julia MooreButler-Fearon-O’Connor School of Irish DancingC17
Caroline HallDoyle-Corrigan Academy of Irish DancePC9, PC9S
Abigail HallDoyle-Corrigan Academy of Irish DancePC13, PC13S
Maxim VitinshGraham School of Irish DancePC15, PC15S
Maeve DickButler-Fearon-O’Connor School of Irish DancingC11
Aoife McHutchonCrossbane-Grant School of Irish DanceB9S, A9R, A9L, A9P
Sarah LucasCrossbane-Grant School of Irish DanceP13R, P13S, P13T, P13H, P13D
Ava PrychidnyFinnegan School of Irish DanceA9R, A9L, A9S, A9X, A9T, A9H, A9P
Cora RaikouHamilton School of Irish DanceC13
Tara McCabeYvonne Kelly Dance AcademyC15
Erin McCabeYvonne Kelly Dance AcademyC17
Erika KellarRince Na TiarnaP15R, P15S, P15T, P15H
Lauren AmodeoGoggin-Carroll SchoolN9R, N9L, N9S, N9T, N9H, N9D
Taryn BoudewynsDoyle-Corrigan Academy of Irish DanceC9
Keira BoudewynsDoyle-Corrigan Academy of Irish DanceC11